The term geometry is derived from the two Greek words geo and metron. It means “to measure the Earth.” The great irony is that the most basic building block in geometry, the point, has no measurement at all. But you must accept that a point exists in order to have lines and planes, because lines and planes are made up of an infinite number of points. Geometry is the study of figures in space. As you study geometry, you will measure these figures and determine how they relate to each other and the space they are in. To work with geometry you must understand the difference between representations on the page and the figures they symbolize.

Geometry Needs Time

Success in geometry requires effort. Make a commitment to improve your geometry skills. Work for understanding. Why you do a math operation is as important as how you do it. If you truly want to be successful, make a commitment to spend the time you need to do a good job. You can do it! When you achieve success in learning geometry concepts, you will have laid a solid foundation for future challenges and successes.

What you see is not always what is there. In space, lines define a square; on the page, four distinct black marks define a square. What is the difference? On the page, lines are visible. In space, lines are invisible because lines do not occupy space, in and of themselves. Tests focus on the practical application of geometry towards solving planar (two-dimensional) spatial puzzles.

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