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Merits in Pakistan

Every university follows some set rules for the induction of students in their course no matter they focus a degree program or a diploma or certificate. The number of seats in every class is limited, so it is not possible to entertain every applicant. So universities set their criteria for admissions.

Merit System in Pakistan

Every university or even every educational institution over matric class admission follows a merit system for admission. The merit may either be consisted of only academic score or be a mix of it with entrytest score and interview. At university level merit calculation is made by evaluation test and academic performance by allying some weight of each.

Admissions for Medical Sciences - MBBS

About 14000 candidates take medical entrytest in only punjab and the almost same number in Sindh. The number of medical colleges in Punjab and Sindh cannot accommodate each every applicant for the admission. The number of medical colleges in two other provinces is far below the required.
Every year the admission criteria specially the weight of the test and the academic score vary considerably. There is no consistency that anyone may tell you the exact system this year. However; the merit is based on admission test score and marks in FSc or any other equivalent course.

Medical Entrytest

Engineering College Admission

There is only one combined entrytest in Punjab ie the admission test of UET. This test score is accepted by some universities like UET Taxla, Faisalabad university, and Textile university. The other engineering colleges follow their own admission criteria. Specially; the colleges in private sector require higher score in their entrytest and better score in academics. However; they focus maily the score of their tests.

Engg. Entrytest

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