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Geometry is fairly unique among the Quantitative topics. There are many more rules you must memorize (area, perimeter, triangle ratios, etc.), and there's often a diagram accompanying the question. That doesn't mean you can treat geometry as completely separate from the rest of the test, but there are a few issues to focus on.

High Scoring - Memorize the Rules

Not all geometry formula you have learnt in schools are to be recalled and memorize. Only a few are used in the test. However; if you know those formula or geometrical relations, you can perform well on the test. You have to know the 30:60:90 triangle ratio. You'll be tested on the area of a circle.

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High Scoring Trick - Apply the Rules

This sounds obvious, but bear with me. It takes some time to learn all the rules, but once you know them, there isn't much that the test can keep hidden. If there are triangles in a question, there are only so many rules that could possibly apply. If you're stuck on a geometry question, use the process of elimination - high scoring trick. Think through all of the techniques and tricks you know that could possibly be relevant. One of them is probably what you need to use to solve the problem.

High Scoring Trick - Look For Connections

Many geometry questions involve multiple figures. Sometimes there's a circle inscribed in a triangle; other times there are several adjacent triangles.
If there is more than one recognizable shape in a diagram, there is a connection. Look for what one of the figures tells you about the other. Perhaps the diagonal of a square is the same as the radius of a circle. Or the height of one triangle is the hypotenuse of another. Whatever the connection, it is probably the key to answering the question. Explore your mind apply a trick to get into the hidden concept in the question.

High Scoring Trick - Re-draw Diagrams

If there is any complexity to a diagram, replicate it on your scratch paper. You'll instantly get a better understanding of the figure, and you'll be able to jot down notes, such as the measure of a certain angle.

High Scoring Trick - Mark Up Diagrams

Once you've drawn a diagram on your scratch paper, figure out all the details you possibly can. If two of the angles in a triangle are given as 70 and x, you can determine that the third angle is 180 - 70 - x, or 110 - x. Note that on the diagram! Steps like that, even though they may seem obvious at first glance, are often the difference between solving a problem and staying stuck on it.

Keep an Open Mind

While most geometry problems stay within the bounds of geometry, some don't. The tougher the problem, the more likely it crosses boundaries. Don't fall into the trap of seeing a problem, deciding that it's a certain type of question, and limiting yourself to the techniques you know for that specific type. Looking for connections shouldn't be limited to the links between figures in a diagram; it applies just as well to links between topics on mathematics.
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