ISSB Coding Decoding Questions

Giving Code or Artificial Values to Letter of Alphabet. The word code means: “a collection or digit of law: a system of rules and regulations: established principles or standards: a system of words, letters or symbols which represent sentences or other words, to ensure economy or secrecy in transmission.” The Urdu meaning of the word code is In the service of army, perfect secrecy is required about the information with regard to the movement or actin of the army. For this subject, often secret messages are to be conveyed in code, and the same have to be decoded.

Hence, it is essential that the candidates should be in a position to trace the key to the code. Letters of alphabet, in this test, do not stand for themselves but they stand for some other letters, i.e.,. they keep an artificial or code value. These artificial or code values are given to these alphabets according to some fixed law or pattern which are not difficult for the candidate to understand. By following the same law or principle, the coded message can be decoded into clear word message. This test can be solved with convenience, if all the letters of the alphabet are first written and then, by compositing the real and artificial value of letter, set the relationship or pattern of the code. For this object, usually, alphabets are printed on the answer sheet for the use of the candidate.

Example: 1

  • If Y C V G T means WATER, then what does H K T G mean?

Solution: In this question

  1. Y stands for W
  2. C stands for A
  3. G stands for E
  4. V stands for T
  5. T stands for R

A careful observation brings out that each letter in the alphabet
( ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ) stands for the letter two paces preceding it. Using the same principle, the letter H K T G will stand for FIRE. It may be noted that in the ISSB test, the method of giving the same question is, usually , as under:
Which choice mentions the first letter of the correct answer to the following?

Example: 2

  • If Y C V G T means WATER, what does H K T G mean? Solution: In this question:
  1. F
  2. R
  3. E


The answer is obviously (1) as F is the first letter of the correct word which is FIRE.
The candidates will be required to write figure (1) in the suitable column in the answer sheet provided. The candidate should not write the word FIRE, because then, the answer will be wrong.

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