ISSB One Word Substitution Questions

This test is designed to measure the vocabulary of the candidate. In this test the candidate has to supply one word for many words.


Give one word in the sentence: The Being who has created this world and the Hereafter

  1. A man who believes in Islam
  2. The last Message of Allah to mankind
  3. The Last Prophet of mankind
  4. A man who collects stamps


  1. Allah
  2. Muslim
  3. Quran
  4. Muhammad (-Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him)
  5. Philatelist

Basis of One Word Substitution

Vocabulary and General knowledge provide the foundation of One Word Substitution. The most relevant vocabulary to this part of the test has been included in this site.

Word Lists

Memorizing of word lists are another mean to develop effective base of the required vocabulary.

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