ISSB Jumbled Spelling Test

In this test jumbled spellings of some common words are given and the candidates are desired to trace out the correct word and write it. Sometimes, a hint is also given about the nature of the word. Sometimes, a hint is also given about the nature of the word. The word jumble: “mean to be mixed together without order: to be mixed together confusedly.” The Urdu meaning of this word is

Example: 1

Which choice mentions the last letter of the word from the following jumbled spelling?

  • L
  • B
  • F
  • T

Answer: L (The correct word is : Football).

Jumbled Sentence Test

In this test, the words which form a sentence are jumbled (mixed) up and the candidates are required to apply their common sense and rearrange these jumbled words to form an understandable or sensible sentence.

Example: 2

Re arrange the following jumbled words to forms a sensible sentence:

  • The bud nipped must be evil in the
  • All cats are not cats but all animals are animals
  • One of the foretell to share things can not come


  1. The evil must be nipped in the bud
  2. All cats are animals but all animals are not cats
  3. One can not foretell the shape of things to come

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