ISSB Analogy Test Question

One Word Substitution, Insertion of Missing Letter, Insertion of Missing Number or Figure, word forming, Jumbled words, Formation of Correct Sentence, Letter Distinction, General Knowledge Test, Alphabetical Test, Completion Test, Synonym Test, Direction Test, Spotting the Stranger, Code Test, Coding and Decoding Commonsense Test, Multiple Choice Test, Arithmetic Test, etc. Now, we shall take all these types in detail together with their meanings, examples, and questions with answers. Analogy Test: The word analogy means : an agreement or correspondence in certain respects between things otherwise is to the mind, what light is to the eye”.: relation in general: likeness: correspondence of a word or a phrase with the genius of a language, as learned from the manner in which its words and phrases are ordinarily formed: similarity of derivative or inflectional processes.”

Example 1

  • Inserting the missing word.
  • Day is to night as truth is to falsehood.

Answer 1: In the above sentence the word falsehood has been inserted.

Example 2

  • Which choice gives the answer?
  • Mn is to run as bird is to_______.
  • (i) Fly
  • (ii) run
  • (iii) weak

Answer 2: (i)

Example 3

  • Ring is to Finger as watch is to_________.
  • Mn is to run as bird is to_______.
  • (i) Arm
  • (ii) Wrist
  • (iii) Leg

Answer 3: (ii)

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