ISSB Letter Completion Test Questions

In this test, some letters of words, whose meanings are given against them, are missing, the candidates are asked to fill in those letters.


Insert suitable letters in the following:

  • ___ar__e     (big)
  • Quick___y     (fast)
  • ___h___rt     (not tall)
  • ___m___ll     (not big)
  • ___LL___H     (Creator)


  • L,g
  • I
  • S, o
  • S, a
  • A, A

Solution: In this question Vocabulary and spellings are the basis of this test.

Memorize Words and Spellings

You must memorize a large number of words from the word list of common words with their correct spellings.

The student needs to learn and practice the common spelling patterns that are used in English. There are exceptions and irregularities most words follow common patterns. Students are better able to achieve spelling success when they learn and practice these common patterns. The student needs to practice spelling words. They need to learn what spelling pattern is used for a specific word. The most effective and efficient way to have the student learn specific spelling words is to have the student write the word 5 to 10 times while saying the sounds. The student needs to say the sounds, NOT the letter names. It is simple; all you need is paper and pencil. It’s efficient because it directly teaches the necessary print to sound and you are not wasting time on processes that have nothing to do with spelling. It is highly effective because it directly builds knowledge in the correct printed representation of the word using multisensory processes, visual, oral/auditory.

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