ISSB Multiple Choice Questions

In this test, an incomplete statement is followed by some alternative choices as answers. The candidate is asked to choose one or more suitable choices of answers that complete the question or the statement. Correct English grammar and usage is an important element in your success on this section. For a detailed study for preparing this section you can take lessons from

English Grammar

The level of difficulty is not more than intermediate level of normal study.


Which choice answers the following question? Islamabad is famous because:

  1. It is a very clear city
  2. Numerous foreigners live in it
  3. The President lives in it
  4. It is the capital of Pakistan

You must consider the flow and continuity of the sentence. The sentence is very easy but the sentence on the actual test may be hard.
Answer: Choice(4)

Multi Topic Questions

Multiple Choice question in PAF tests involve many types of questions including English Grammar, General Knowledge, and Arithmetic.

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