ISSB Sequence Test Questions

The word sequence mean: state of being sequent or following, order of succession, a series of things following in a certain order, as a set of three or more cards in order of value, that which follows, consequence”.
In this test, the candidate should, at first, carefully observe the correct sequence of words in the dictionary. Sequence of letters of alphabets, sequence of the days of the week, sequence of months of the year, etc., should be observed minutely by the candidate. This will lead him to arrive at correct answer.


If 5th of the month falls two days after Monday, what day of the week will fall on 19th of the month?


Draw a clear Picture

The picture of the facts given in the question must be clear in your mind. Relate the facts correctly and draw a conclusion to give the answer.


A diagram is always usefull for understanding the relationships betwwen the facts given in the question.

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