ISSB Group Planning Task 4

You are President of a social welfare organization in Alipur town. One day, the police of the town requested you to organize relief work in village Islam Nagar. which has been badly damaged by an earthquake. You readily agree to take up the responsibly.

Since there was no other bus available. You approached the Principal of Muslim. Higher Secondary School to give you the school bus. The Principal gave you the bus and 5 boys also to help in the relief work.

Group Planning Task 4

You take the boys with necessary help in the bus but unfortunately the bus overturned at the railway crossing and became un-serviceable. Two boys also got injuries. Just at that time you heard cries of somebody. After a search you found a lineman in a serious condition due to an injury. On enquiry he told you that the robbers had hit him on the head and ran away. He further told you that robbers had blown off the bridge and also planned to loot the train which reach the bridge at 2 P.M. Time now is 1 P.M.

Suggest a proper solution of the problem.

The scenario has multiple dimensions. You actual job is at risk due to current obtacles.

Key Tasks

Explore the situation and arrange the list of all tasks contributing the whole task. Do not ignore the resources and time factor. Picture observation is also important.