ISSB Group Planning Task - Rescue

You are a group of 8 students from the city of Ali Town who went on a Jamal party. each armed with a gun. After bagging a big leopard. you return to the village Manga at 6 p.m. to catch the last bus to the city. At the bus stop, you learn that 5 dacoits raided Manga. a couple of hours ago, and managed to carry away from the village jewels worth Rs. 1 lakh and two beautiful girl students of your college who came there to participate in the social service scheme. In the fight put up by the villagers, one dacoit was wounded and captured as prisoner. From him you learn that the escaped dacoits have gone to the Chunian in the middle of the forest. about 15 miles from Chunian. The dacoits will guard the Chunian by taking turn after every three hours. One will do sentry duty to the main entrance while another will patrol the Manga inside of its 12 feet walls. At midnight, they will be joined by a gang of another 30 dacoits who will reach the place by the river in boats from the south. The gang has plans to raid Faisalabad, a small but rich township at 4 a.m. the next day.

There is a telegraph office at Dinpur, a village 10 miles away from Manga. All Town is the State capital where police and military forces with mobile units are stationed.

Just when you have finished hearing these details, a cyclist arrives and tells you that the bus you have been waiting for, the has fallen into a ditch about five miles before Manga. Luckily, there are no casualties but the insured’s list includes your favourite film actress.

Group Planning Task 1

Outline your plan of action to meet this situation.

Suggested solution or plan of Action

The narrative presents the following three problems.

  1. To recover the two girl students and jewelry from the dacoits staying at the Ali town.
  2. To prevent dacoity being committed at Faisalabad and to apprehend the dacoit gang, if possible.
  3. To put the bus back on the road.

The recovery of the girls and jewels gets first priority and under the existing circumstances can be accomplished only by our selves, before midnight when the other dacoit gang will arrive at the Ali town.


To prevent dacoity at Faisalabad and to capture the gang is the task for the military or the police. We should telegraph the facts to the concerned authorities at the city from Dinpur. The head-man of Ahmad Town can be detailed to attend to this task.


The bus can be put back on the road with the help of 30 or 40 men who could be sent to the spot from the village.


We eight students will, therefore, proceed to the Ali Town with our guns and accompanied by 10 tough village men.


There are only four dacoits in the Ali Town now. Two will be resting and two will be on guard duty. Eight of us, armed as we are, can easily tackle them.


The time now is ô p.m. We should complete our task before midnight when the gang of 30 dacoits will reach the Million Cite C scare involved is about 15 milies. We can. Therefore, be at the Ali Town at 10 P.m.


As the regular approaches to the All Town are likely to be watched, we may reach the place by walking the jungle with the help of the villagers, as our guides.


We will get into the Au Town by climbing over the walls with the help of rope ladder.


We will first over-power the sentry at the main entrance by surprising him. Then one of us will act as the sentry in disguise. It will help us to over-power the second guard by surprise and also prevent the possible escape of the other two dacoits in to the forests.


After the second guard is taken, we will surprise the two dacoits resting inside the Ali Town and capture them. Thus the girls and the jewels will be recovered.


Thereafter, we may help the police or military as required in capturing the dacoit gang. You ten people come to visit the sea resort at 12 noon. Aman tells you that a ship is sinking in the ocean and three women have gone up the deck for safety. The women have lot of jewellery with them.