ISSB Individual Obstacle Tasks

Unlike group obstacles these are to be done each candidate individual. It s an individual performance of a candidate,. Generally there are 10 obstacles which are to be overcome in 3 minutes. They carry 30 marks, The purpose of the tests to see an individual in action, his energy, will-power and stamina.

Types of Individual Obstacles

  • Climbing up 6 inch rope
  • Monkey crawling
  • Passing through a tyre
  • Climbing a wall 7 inch high
  • Tarzan jump
  • Tarzan swing
  • High jump
  • Long jump
  • Balance walking over a beam 7 feet long
  • Walking over parallel ropes

One has to climb up a rope ladder, stand on a rope and move to other side by supporting himself by holding a rope overhead. In individual obstacles, the G.T.O. explains obstacles and asks each candidate to tackle them one by one. The time limit is 3 minutes A candidate needs training in institution to acquire confidence to do these efficiently. Without knowing the proper technique. It is pretty difficult for a new-corner to do them.

Advice to the Candidates

  1. Develop stamina to do these obstacles as without it you may feel fatigued, say after two or three items, and particularly rope climbing.
  2. Take up that obstacle first about which you feel confident.
  3. Attempt those which are nearer to you and if they are easy as well.
  4. If by chance you attempt to do an obstacle but you fail, make another successful attempt. Try to complete it before passing on to the next unless you feel convinced that you cannot do it. In that case it is better to pass on to the next rather than waste time on it.
  5. Try your utmost to finish these within 3 minutes. A sincere attempt may give even some extra time which you can utilize to repeat any obstacle if you have been told by the G.T.O. in the beginning about the ‘Repeat Perforrnance’.
  6. Running and doing exercise daily will help you in building stamina.