ISSB Group Planning Task 3

A group of 10 boys with 5 guns and 20 cartridges have arrived at village Haveli at 4 P.M. by bus to do shikar at Changa Manga Forest inhabited by two ferocious lions. Haveli is a small village with a Rest House and a Brick Kiln and obsolete modes of travel. The bus stops at Haveli for a few minutes and then proceeds to Hujra a bigger village with Telegraph Office, Police Station and Hospital. This is the last bus to Hujra. The same bus returns to Haveli at 6.30 A.M. the next day by which the boys are to return to that village to attend their class.

At 5 PM. the Headman of Haveli approaches the boys to inform them that he had learnt from the villagers who had gone to the forest that two dacoits in police dress were occupying the hut, they were planning to derail the train at the bridge and to loot it as well.

Group Planning Task

The train was a mail train arriving at the bridge at 8-30 P.M. from Pattoki. Just then another man comes running up to inform the headman that his haystack was on fire the forest. Two members of the party had left earlier to set up a hut in the forest.

What will the boys do?

You must find the key elements in the given scenario. Arrange all the task you think are necessary to perform. Keep eyes on given resources and obstacles in your way.

List the Requirements

List all the requirments of the given task. Clearly observe the situation and arrange all requiremets.

Observe the Picture

Observe the items given in the picture to evaluate the situation and possible resources and obtacles.