ISSB - During the Stay

Certain rules and regulations are to be followed by all candidates during stay at ISSB.

Duration of Stay

The normal duration of stay of a candidate at the I.S.S.B. is four days. However, in view of the emergency and heavy increase in the number of candidates to be interviewed, this period is often shortented as required.

Boarding and Lodging

The Board makes suitable arrangements for the free boarding and lodging of the candidates, for the duration of their stay at the I.S.S.B.

Recreation and sight-seeing

Indoor recreational and reading room facilities are provided to the candidates and the candidates can make use of them to spend their leisure hours. Besides, the candidates are also generally permitted to go out for sight-seeing, after day's work is over.

Travelling Allowance

Candidates appear before the preliminary Selection Board and Medecial Examination centers at their own expenses and make their own arrangement for messing accommodation etc. While the candidate summoned by the I.S.S.B. for tests and interviews get T.A. as follows.


The information regarding the dress to be worn during the tests and also during non-test hours is usually contained in the call-up instructions. Although it is said that dress does not carry any weight for these tests, the candidates should not forget the normal psychological impression created on others by a well-dressed man and an ill dressed individual. The famous saying that "Apparel oft proclaims the man" has much truth behind it. The candidates should present thenselves in appropriate dress as the occasion demands. Besides the inpression created on the minds of his fellow competitors is also equally important.

psychological tests normally start as soon as the candidates arrive at the Board and there may not be the time to opportunity for the candidates to change their dress. Since these tests involve written work over a fairly long period of hours, it is essential that the candidates are comfortably attired. Hence, as far as possible, the candidate should make it a point to arrive at the Board dressed appropriately, to meet this requirement. For the G.T.O. tasks white shorts, white sport shirt, white canvas shoes and white socks are recommended. Where cold climate prevails, the candidates are allowed to wear pull-overs or tasks, he would be reporting to the Interviewing Officer in the same Dress. If this is not the case and there is sufficient time in hand before he goes for the interview, he can change into more formal dress. Depending on the climate and weather, he may put on a suit or simply a tie. The important point is that the dress should be neat, clean and fitting. It need not have to be expensive or showy to produce this effect. The candidate must remember that he would be wearing the chest number on top of the dress, in respect of all the tests.


The candidate should exercise special care regarding the safe keeping of his money, watch, pens and other such valuables or attractive items. Loss or misplacement of the valuables not only inconveniences the candidate, but also embarrasses the other fellow candidates and creates unnecessary work for the authorities at the I.S.S.B. As far as possible, the candidate should not carry large sums of money or a large number of valuables (e.g., rings gold chains, etc.) with him when he proceeds to the selection Board. Further he must have suitable looking arrangements of his suit-case. The valuables like money etc., should not be left unattended and must be carried on one's person far practicable.

General Behaviour

The I.S.S.B. attaches considerable importance to the proper behaviourof the candidates during the period. The candidate should be careful to avoid unruly and boisterous behaviour or demonstrations. The furniture, fittings, recreational aids and other property should be carefully handled to avoid damage or breakage. The candidate should be mindful of his conduct whether inside the I.S.S.B. Camp or outside in the town during sight-seeing etc., and must avoid giving cause for any complaints to be made against him. Discipline is the service watch-word and an aspirant for a commissioned post in the Armed Forces is expected to be a well disciplined person.

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